Friday, November 16, 2012

Blog Tidbit Special!

During the course of writing a blog there are some things that just don't fit. There are some thoughts that come in after a review has been posted, little tips, and other stuff that just doesn't fit in a full article. Well here's a special post just for them! So without further ado here we go.

Two Mini Posts

Rocky Horror Extra: Date Night

So I admitted in my review of the Rocky Horror Show that opened at the Roxy Regional Theatre I admitted that I had never seen the movie and thus couldn't give an opinion of whether or not the production was faithful to the version everyone knows and loves. My Girlfriend Dana happened to be visiting a while back and we got a chance to catch the show again. She's a Rocky Horror nut and had some extra things to say.

Me and Dana. We're cute aren't we?

What She Liked

  • Loved the fun that the cast was having. 
  • Didn't love 2 extras [the characters of the phantoms] 
  • Loved the singing.
  • I did love that audience participation was encouraged.
  • Some of the set up with the cast movement (I say movement because it wasn't just the dance) was quite wonderful and was good use of the stage.
  • Janet could belt it out like no tomorrow.

What She Didn't Like

  • Hated the two extras didn't see their point (I'm a jerk). 
  • Didn't like how raunchiness was over done.
  • Wish the staging and sound was better.
  • Thought acting was over done by some.
  • Also rocky talked too much.
  • He's supposed to be almost mute.

Twelfth Night: An Actor Prepares

You may have seen my friend Anthony's blurb about his acting experience in Twelfth Night. Well one of the readers asked if he could go into details about how he prepared for his role. Well here are the details straight from the Horse's Mouth.

Anthony and fellow actor Anne Winters rehearsing for Twelfth Night.
Taken by B. J. Sawyers. Graciously borrowed from Facebook.

"For Shakespeare... Read... Over and over again until you have a full understanding of every line and every motive behind them. Shakespeare is very challenging in the sense that there's so much metaphor and symbolism used, and there is always an intent behind that--and it's not just because it sounds pretty."

"While you get familiar with the script, make sure whenever you get a chance to read it aloud and to enunciate, so you get your mouth used to working that iambic."

"Any opportunity I get to I try to read different analyses for my specific role, so I can get a full idea of what this character is about. After that, I determine the GOTE (Goals, Objectives, Tactics, and Expectations) which gives me a decent framework to perform under." 

[Side Note: See me explain what GOTE is here]

"My GOTE for Shakespeare was never rigid, and shifted as I discovered more things about the character."

"And of course what better way to prepare than rehearsals. I never go into a rehearsal without doing my routine (which will always be different for everyone). Around 15 minutes before a rehearsal, I'll sit by myself somewhere and listen to music while I rehearse the lines with as much enunciation as I can. I'll stretch, take deep breaths, and warm up my voice. After that, it's just a matter of executing based on my preparation."

"And that's basically it."


    1. I love RHPS! It does seem a bit odd to have extra characters and a chatty Rocky... I'm not sure if I'd enjoy that.

    2. The show always seems a bit different than the movie. Sometimes some things just don't translate over.