Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writer Wednesdays: Meet R. S. Young

Hey guys and welcome to my new blog! The Fronkensteen Lounge will be your guide through the world of small town theatre and the labyrinth of self production and so much more! But first let's meet the owner and writer extraordinaire! (someone has a big head don't we?)

I'm Ricky Young and I'm a playwright, producer, director, and all around artist from Clarksville, TN. I'm a proud Alumni of Austin Peay State University and am currently pursuing my Masters of Fine Arts in Playwriting  at Hollins University.  I'm also very active in my local church.

I am a serious addict of Theatre in any shape or form. From plays done at the local church and high schools to professional productions at the Orpheum, TPAC, or Actors Theatre of Louisville. Theatre is not only my chosen profession it's my obsession. Wherever I go, no matter where I am I always wonder what kind of theatre I can do there. Plays, like most art, is a direct channel from the Artist's soul to the that of the audience. Theatre is a link to catharsis, an expulsion of negative energy, and a method of building community.

When I'm not making theatre I dabble in art, music, dance, and poetry. I make my own instruments and study folk art. I believe in Cheap Art. Art not meant for the museums or the fancy-shmancy but the rigors and rhythms of everyday life. I consume books and Television like food and hoard knowledge like treasure.

I believe the theatre is rapidly moving out of the larger Regional Houses and into the commercial world.  I believe that modern playwrights and theatre people need to take matters into their own hands and start producing work for themselves. Theatre has one of the highest unemployment rates because people are moving to the big cities and trying to "make it big" But what they don't know is that social media and technology have given them even greater tools to reach the Wired World from their own living rooms!

I hope that my blog will document my work as a theatre artist and help other people break free and take their career in their own hands. Check back often... See you guys later!

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