Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Writer Wednesdays: The Girl Who Cried Wolf

So starting in the beginning of October I was asked by the Blogger, Dragyn Ally, to write a play that would be posted in weekly installments on her blog. I said yes because I've been interested in trying out my plays in new places anyway but also because her challenge was so intriguing.

Dragyn Ally's Challenge 

  1. Has to be family friendly.
  2. Has to be completely spooky.
  3. Has to be chopped up into four sections.
  4. People have to kinda know what's going on in one installment without having to have read the previous ones.
  5. Has to fit in with my 31 Day's of Halloween Scheme that I'm already doing.
R. S. Young's Process

So as I was tossing out ideas about what I should do I decided to go a little retro with it. Every kid of the nineties remembers sitting around the TV and watching Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?. I started watching as many old episodes as I could find and found a common thread between them. At it's core a spooky story is a morality play, a fable. We see someone who is just like us, an Everyman, who has a lot of our flaws but gets punished in some weird way for them. In essence the monsters are guilt staring us in the face.  So after making some character notes and outline I came up with...

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Hannah has a little bad habit. She likes to tell a couple of little white lies. But when her lies are costing her parents too much they decide to never believe a word that she says. That's bad considering that they just happened to buy enchanted costumes from Mr. Magini's magic shop that turns people into whatever they dress up as. Now Hannah's little brother, Jake, has turned into a wolf has eaten their grandmother and her Dad's turned into a hunter that is destined to hand Jake on his wall. And the worst thing is that Hannah's Mom won't believe a word of it! So what is Hannah going to do?

You can find the first three installments of this on  the fourth and final installment will come out next week. You know you don't want to miss it. You can find Part Three here

Have any other questions about the play? Want to suggest another play for me to write? Leave a comment below!

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