Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rocky Horror Show Review

I'll have to admit something shameful, I have gotten this far into adulthood and had never seen the movie or the live show until then. But I filed in with everyone else, paid my money, and hunkered down for what I thought was going to be a regular night of theatre...

Boy was I mistaken...

The Rocky Horror Show is not made for those that just want to sit down and enjoy the;s my review on the experience that I had.

What I Liked

  • The Audience participation: The rowdy college audience of that first night were trained veterans to the movie so they came into the house ready to join in! I was wonder why they were selling bags of stuff in the lobby called, "The Rocky Horror Survival Kit". Those were the people who go a nice little bag of goodies and a card about how they could participate in the show. They shouted the funniest things, knew when to get up and dance along to the Time Warp, how to bust out the props when directed. I really suggest when you see the show that you get this bag. You're not getting the whole show otherwise.
  • Oh the Camp!: I was relating the show to one of my friends afterward and I found myself saying, "It was weird that a show with the worst writing in the world could be so fun."  The RHS is designed to be as campy and horrible as the other Late Night Horror Shows that it mocks. There is something about those cult hits where we know they're horrible movies but they're "our" horrible movies and we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
  • The Songs: The Camp even worms it's way into the songs. I can see why there are some people (Like me) who haven't seen the show but still know several of the songs by heart. I dare anyone to say that they had never heard of the Time Warp before? Any takers? I thought not.
  • The Acting: I had a chance to be invited by one of my friends who was in the show to have drinks with the cast afterwards. I know for a fact that they seemed to have lots of fun doing this show and that it's not the kind of show that someone gets to do very often. They were all nice and polite. The actors had A LOT to do in this show and the fact that they could still do it and have a good time means that these people were top notch performers. I know that I'll never be able to do a song, dance, get cat called by a rowdy audience, playing an outrageous character in a crazy outfit, and still be able to have fun.

What I Didn't Like

  • The Sexual Content: I hear some people screaming, "Then why did you go see the Rocky Horror Show!" To which I'll say, "I never saw it before! I didn't know". Call me a prude but I find a lot of sexual themes in shows in bad taste. But everyone else was having a lot of fun. If this kind of thing is your cup of tea then leave the kids at home and by all means don't take your grandmother! I can see this being a perfect date night for some couples.
So to sum everything up I had a great time at the show and learned what I need to do to have an even better time if I go again. To find out more about the Roxy Regional Theatre and the rest of their season just look here.  If you have any other questions about my experience then please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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