Friday, October 12, 2012

Great Qualities of a Small-Town Theatre Artist

What makes a good Small-Town Theatre Artist? Well here is just a few of the good qualities you need.

  • An Entrepenuer- We strive to find work for ourselves even when there's no "real work" to be found. We find ways to work in our chosen field even if we have to create the opportunities ourselves. You're always your own boss!

  • No Shame: The old saying is, "No one asked you to do theatre" In fact if you're anything like me your family practically begged you not to. You have a chosen profession and it is a real job if you treat it as such! Don't be afraid to take the steps that give you a life of enjoyment pursuing your art.

  • Beg, Borrow, and Steal: In Small-Town Theatre quite often you won't have the same infrastructure, money, or resources that the big boys have. Often their big boy toys cost just as much as your entire operating budget! Make a list of what you absolutely need and be relentless in getting it at the mother of all prices...FREE! Who's throwing one away? Who has one that you can borrow? Where can I scrounge the parts to make one myself?

  • A Polite Socialite: We are always on our best behavior, even in the least promising networking opportunities. We support and attend other art funtions and spread the wealth when we can at fundraisers. The theatre industry (and the rest of the arts for that matter) is a VERY close knit community. The relationships you nurture now will build a foundation for the future.
Do you know of any other good qualities? If so please leave a comment!

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